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Blegend Thai Pads BBL Small 1 Strap

Blegend Thai Pads BBL Small 1 Strap

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Introducing Blegend Thai Pads, the perfect training gear for martial arts enthusiasts and professional fighters alike. These pads are designed to provide ultimate protection while training and sparring.

Crafted with a slight curve, the Blegend Thai Pads offer additional protection to the user, especially from hard punches and kicks. The padding is made up of high-quality foaming, which ensures maximum safety and comfort during training sessions. The durable microfiber material used in these pads guarantees long-lasting use and ultimate protection.

With their superior quality and design, Blegend Thai Pads are perfect for Muay Thai, kickboxing, and MMA training. These pads are ideal for both trainers and trainees, providing a safe and effective means of practicing strikes and kicks. Order now and take your training to the next level with Blegend Thai Pads.

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